How to select a sheet of an excel based on regex pattern

Hello everyone,

I have couple of excel files which I have to reconcile them. But the actual challenge is name of the sheet that I’m referring to is different in few excel files.

For example:
In excel1 I have a sheet named mapping instructions where as the same sheet is named as mapping sheet in excel2.

So I want to select the sheet name based on regex by using get workbook sheets activity.

Any leads or help is much appreciated.

Hi @Karthik23 ,

From the given statements, we can understand that the word mapping appears in both sheetnames and it is in the beginning. But do we need to have a Regex ? We could also go with StartsWith.


Do you maybe have some other sheetnames or examples where you believe regex would be more benficial ?

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Thank you so much @supermanPunch, your expression is working for me.

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