How to Select a particular Checkbox based on specific visible Amount/Invoice Number field

Hello Mavericks,

I am trying to automate a process which includes simple data to be extracted from Excel and to be pasted in A/R payment form (Java Application).
But the catch here is to knock-off the already paid amount. For which bot need to select a checkbox based on three fields(even one field will also do) say Invoice Id (Unique) which can be extracted one step before payment(a Different form which is used to create the invoice).

I first tried to get the whole data table as shown below screenshot, but uipath it is failing to recognize the table.

In above screenshot of the application, the middle row with invoice id IV-1605/025 needs to be knocked off here in my example. We just need to select the second check box in row 2.

What should I try now? I even tried anchor base as below but not sure what to do with UI element variable.

I am kind of stuck here.

Requesting your help in the case.


Is it not possible using Uipath?


Just a quick suggestion.
I noticed that the selector shows there’s a attribute “ctrl name=‘Row 2’”
Have you checked the other checkboxes to see if the Row # changes in that part?

What you can do is use Get Attribute of a field with text that has the specific text in the selector. If you can get the attribute that stores ‘Row 2’, then you can use that in the Click or Check activity.
To use a variable in the selector you just edit inside the text box in the Selector property, like
“< ctrl name='”+rownum+'" >" et cetera

You could also do some research on using the Find Children activity.

Good luck. =)

Hi Subham, have you tried copying the table data, if it works then u can iterate copied data to find row number of that particular invoice and then use that in checkbox selector.
Try using the hotkeys combination for copy and check operation.