How to select a dynamic check box list item based on input provided


I am beginner in UI path, I am developing a HR system automation .Application is a windows based software with complicated screen and component.

Question: I want to generate a report .The report criteria is dynamic checkbox list. Based on the input (I am using excel to provide the input, which will be loaded at the time of project initialization ) .

Bot needs to select the checkbox’s based on the label provided in excel file .Please see the screen shots below

My mapping file look like this.
Payroll Period Company Name Run
August 2020 Advance Restaurant Yes
Could some one help me how can I do this in UI path.

Please see selector for each check box. Definitly there will be 1 change in the name like checkBox1 ,checkBox2, checkBox3… etc… or idx=1, idx=2, idx=3 etc…

Based on these changes selector will start looking at right check box.
So, you have make a dynamic selector on the full panel and see the maximum count of the check boxes and start looping them for required check box to select.

Hope my inputs are under useful.

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Yes it works. I got the exact name inside selector, so i pass the name and it got selected

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