How to select a document from a flex webpage?

I am using a web page that, i was told, has been designed using Flex. In it, I have a textbox where i type in a number and a list of documents that are associated with the number will be displayed. I have to select a particular document from that list. If there are multiple documents with the same name, the latest document is selected. I have tried using click activity, double-click activity, right click activity, but they do not seem to work. Is there any other way to do a double-click?

Thanks in Advance.

If the selected document has a graphically distinct appearance, I’d suggest using Click Image. Change the ClickType to Click_Double.

If you can’t see a way to do it with this suggestion, upload a screenshot and maybe I can give you more clear advice about how to draw the Click Image selection.

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From my understanding the steps that you perform are:

  1. Filter the list using a number
  2. Select a document by a previously known filename
  3. If there are multiple documents with the same name, choose the latest one.
  4. Double click on the respective document.

You should look at how the selectors of the list elements look like. Maybe you can scrape the data-table that contains the list, identify the row that you should click on an then double-click on the row with the respective ID.

Can you post a picture of the webpage and give more details about how the selector look like and why doesn’t the double click activity work?

Thanks Michael, The click Image activity worked.