How to select 12,07,2019 from 12/07/2019 if the date value changes?

if the date value is different then which activity should i use?

@raghuram1 can you elaborate bit more, I didn’t get what you said.

hello venkat,
how to select the day,month and year from the date format ex:12/07/2019 if the date values are changing i.e to check whether todays date is equal then follow go to then part or go to else part?

As @venkatmalla6 said, you can elaborate your concern further in order for us to help you :slight_smile:
But based on my understanding, you want to extract the day, month, and year, right? :slight_smile:

If that is the case, you can easily do that by using the Split() function.

Let us assume that the date is stored in strDate variable.
Then to get the day, you can do Split(dateVal, “/”)(0), then Split(dateVal, “/”)(1) for the month, and Split(dateVal, “/”)(2) for the year :slight_smile:

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thank you Jan_Brian_Despi

No problem, @raghuram1. :slight_smile:

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Did I solve your concern? Because if not, I can still assist you further :slight_smile:

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Yes.I got it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Good to hear that! :slight_smile:

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