How to secure the logs?

Hi, I have a machine with UiPath being shared by many users. I have to make sure one person can’t see what the previous person did. As the logs may have sensitive information. Is there a way to lock it or have control on who sees the logs? Kindly advise. Thank you xoxo

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Hi @sangasangasanga

What log are you talking about specifically? Local which can be saved on machine or the orchestrator?


Buddy if the users share by orchestrator, you can set the users with specific restriction with this option .
your user at the right top corner → users → role → select the role of the users
can set the condition buddy

or if the machine itself is been shared, you can set the log folder path to any folder in your username in the drive that wont allow the other users to see the folders and to change the folder path of log kindly have a look at this buddy

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @sangasangasanga

Oh thank you all. I am talking about the local logs saved on the machine. However, if i changed the file path in NLog.config, it only changes for execution logs. How can I change file path for studio logs?