How to search with two different options in string manipulation

I am having 2 diff pdf formats in a fomat, i need to extract Pan no… in one format it was mentioned as Permanent Account Number and other format with PAN… can anyone please help me how to extract pan no by using string manipulation…let me know how to give two search options in a string manipulation…??


There is no direct method in String manipulation to search with more than one Keywords.

If it is a character then we can do it using String.IndexOfAny() .

You can add the search terms into an array and loop the array to check string.Contains method.

Could u please explain more about it

you cant use regex to extract?

You can use the following activity. Please check.

More info - Pick Activity - .NET Framework | Microsoft Learn

Karthik Byggari


Check this xaml, I hope you are using Read PDF text activity to get the text from PDF file.
SearchMultipleKeywords.xaml (6.7 KB)

Hi @Rahul1122,
Please find the workaround for your question.
Cheers, :slight_smile:Help.xaml (10.8 KB)