How to search values from CSV column onto web app

Hi all,
I would like to ask help on this. I am barely new to RPA but had to create one.

I have a this scenario:
– CSV file has Transaction no and barcode columns where it’s written many to one. I have attached the sample file.
Every time I will search for the transaction no. in my application, it will list barcode numbers. I have to search all barcodes under that transaction from my csv file on my web table and check the box related to the barcodes
test2.xlsx (9.7 KB)


Can you kindly try below?

  1. Read excel file and store it in datatable variable ex. dtTest
  2. Use For Each Row activity to iterate over it
    For each row in dtTest{
    // use below code to search/print
    row(“TransactionNo”).ToString // Put this in Type Into activity which will type Transaction no into search field on web page.

hi Pankaj, Thank you for the response. I have this currently, yes and works for search transaction No., my next hurdles are

  1. The barcodes under that transaction no. from the CSV file – I have to search all in the web app


  1. A problem I thought also, since I have a For each row, it will read again the transaction no. on the next row, but on my sample file you see it’s the same transaction no. just different barcode. You think I need to fix my CSV file to achieve my scenario?


Thanks for screenshots.
I guess that we will have to remove duplicates transaction numbers from TransactionNo column.

dtUnique = dtTest.defaultView.ToTable(True, “TransactionNo”)

so unique transaction number will retrieve many barcodes related to that, Am I right?

May I ask which part do I put this :
dtUnique = dtTest.defaultView.ToTable(True, “TransactionNo”)

This is my current setup on finding barcode (but this is for each row, so it just checking one barcode row every run:



Take assign activity & create datatable variable ex dtUnique
provide To property of assign - dtUnique
provide Value property of assign - dtTest.defaultView.ToTable(True, “TransactionNo”)

write dtUnique to new sheet and read new sheet and use new sheet datatable for searching transaction number in webpage.

please try aaname like below,
aaname = ‘*’“+barcode+”’