How to Search text in excel

Hi i want to get text from web application and search the same text in excel and if matches i want to copy the data from excel how can i do that.

Simple :-

  1. get the text from web application.
  2. open excel file using excel application scope
    3)use lookup data table activity
  3. in input enter the text you want to search and the data table variable
  4. lookup column name in which you want to search value
  5. target column name if value is matched then from which column to pick data from.
  6. cell value retrieves the value
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the whole text from web application is Las Vegas Specialty Pharmacy but in Excel only Las Vegas will be there, how to to cut the text from Web to Las Vegas and find in excel

i want to split address 5700 DOT COM CT STE 1000
Oviedo, FL 32435-3400

i want to paste this values in fileds as

Addess-5700 DOT COM CT STE 1000