How to search Queue Item by the name via Orchestrator Web API?

I tried to get a queue item with a specific name from the list of queue items.
But I don’t know to give a condition string to the text field of filter on Swagger.
Could you give me an example?


  • you need to first to find QueueDefinitionId out of Queue definition entity.

URL & “/odata/QueueDefinitions?$filter=Name eq '” & in_StrQueueName & “'”

  • Once you have the id you can retrieve the QueueItems filtering for this criteria.
    In Bonus i’m attaching you their potential exception object that you could certainly use later.

URL & "/odata/QueueItems?$expand=ProcessingException&$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq " & in_StrQueueId

This applies to Orchestrator 2017.1+, on 2016.* Queue items directely have their queue name property attached.