How to search particular value in row


I have to search the role from this sheet, Once the desired role is matched


I have to fill these values of this particular row in this excel every time
how to do this?

you can find this solution :

  1. read excel file
  2. filter the table based on your role
  3. user for each row based on the table that output from the filter
  4. inside for each, get the index for the row but based on the original table
  5. use write cell for all needed values based on the extracted index

Hello @rsr.chandu - Can you let me know what are the roles that you have to search for every time ?

I have to search the roles based on the role sheet of another data table
whatever the roles available in Datatable 2 i have to search in Datatable1 and enter the values


Can you provide sufficient input and expected output.