How to search keywords to find documents filename(PDF,Excel )then send the documents by outlook at specified time

I’m a beginner with UiPath. This is my document file
email password.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Word Summary File.docx (11.4 KB)

  1. I want to find multiple filenames (PDF, Excel) about Amy (without storing them in a certain file).

  2. Set a specific time for sending outlook, for example, sending outlook at 11 a.m. on the 7th of every month. (But note that if the 7th is a public holiday or a Saturday or Sunday, the time will automatically be set to the next working day to send Outlook.)

  3. Contents of send outlook: You need to send the found relevant filename and automatically monitor Amy’s password and email address to Amy. (The employee list, password and email address are on the excel password document)
    Content summary (Word Summary File): Hi (auto-fill in Amy), the following is your document.
    Password: (automatically fill in 12345)
    ~No need to reply to this email~
    (Related PDF, Excel files)

Can anyone help or make a sample file to teach me step by step?