How To Search in PDF for Special Characters?


Is it possible to search for Special Characters in PDF ?
My Language include both Letters “d” and “ḍ”, unfortunately UiPath Recognize them as same Letter., as an example : The Words adar and aḍar are considered same word in PDF :disappointed_relieved: …Please help on that.Thanks in Advance

@hsendel - I am not exactly following you…but is this what you are looking for??

Search for aḍar


YES @prasath17 , This is exactly what I’m searching for, but if you put one word in search field in PDF it will fetch both:

As you can see from below example ( pdf attached too), whenever we search the word adar it will select both : adar and aḍar :

Special_Charachters.pdf (59.9 KB)

@hsendel - if you use Regex it is fetching the Adar only…Note: I have use IgnoreCase, so it fetched Adar…if not, result should have been 0.


Thanks a lot @prasath17 , you saved me, i will try the same and update you.

Hello @prasath17 , it’s working fine…Last thing before case closure : Could you please write the equivalent of Matches in terms of expression, because I need to search using Ctrl+F instead of Read PDF Text because my file is very Big and takes too much time to read all words. Thx

@hsendel - I dont think you can use expressions in ctrl+f (with in Adobe) …

I see, tell me when using the above shared workflow, in case the word doesn’t exists it’s not giving 0 value, it’s reporting an error :disappointed_relieved:
Write Line: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

@hsendel - for that situation…

First either do ismatch or count… based on that you will know the text is present or not…if the text is present then proceed based your requirement…

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Works with IsMatch Thanks a lot :+1:

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