How to search in a Table or Gridview with pagination for a particular value?

How to search in a Table or Gridview with pagination having multiple pages for a particular value and click that row?

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Hey @Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed, you can use Data Scraping to extract all the data and then later loop through the data table with a if with the required condition inside to it. If your condition matches to a row, then pull the Index of that row. Using that index value you can click on that element.

P.S. Use Index value in the Selector for Click Activity.

Thank you very much Mani Prajwal .

  1. the website table or grid view has pagination with NEXT button

How i can get all pages data in a datatable?

  1. if I able to get all grid view pages data in a datatable and i get all indexes .
    how i can again go to all gridview pages to click the checkbox?

please help me…

While data scraping after you have indicated the table content, when you click Finish, you will get this pop-up asking you to indicate the element to the next pages. Indicate your NEXT button here by clicking on Yes in Pop-up.


Are the records in your table are constant?
If they are constant, let us say you will be having 4 records for each page. Then add an additional if condition inside for each row, with the index number, if the index num is greater than 4 then only you have to click on the NEXT button.

Hope this clarify your query!

Thank You Very Much Mani Prajwal…
will posted you updates

@Mani Prajwal.

bot has to click hyperlink in website. then another tab will open it has some popup by default.
the BOT unable to recognize controls in new tab neither it able to close the Pop up in new tab.

please suggestion.

i already tried using send hot key with tab but no use
i tried recording with click and select . no use

thank a lot brother

@Mohsin_Ali_Mohammed, can you elaborate a little more? Is this issue related to the previous one(Data Scraping) or altogether a new issue?

Dear Mani Prajwal,
thanks for your reply.

when the BOT open a website . it will click a link. then new tab will open. in the new tab the BOT again have to click some link. BOT unable to recognize the new tab controls…

Dear Mani Prajwal.

Another new issue.

when i do Data Scrapping a table. in the preview data is showing, but the result in ExtractDatatable return rows as 0.

my requirement is to find the particular value in table or gridview from excel and click the checkbox . please advise the best solution.

  1. using Datascrapping?
  2. find the child element of gridsview?

thanks a lot