How to search for a field and select text after the field in pdf

I have to search for a field Assessment in a pdf and select the text after that. Pdf has regular data,not an image. Please find the sample pdf as attached. I used get text to select the text, but it select only part of text after Assessment. And I am not sure how do i search for the field Assessment in the same pdf. Can anyone help?02562 (002).pdf (199.3 KB)

Two ways.
1.Use relative screen scraping as pdf has regular patter. OR
2. Use read pdf activity then make use of string manipulation (indexing /substring)

Looks like “Assessment” word not retrieved(image i guess) by “Read Pdf” activity which can be used as static/reference text but any ways there is work around. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here we go.
PdfAssessment.xaml (7.1 KB)

Happy automation

Thank You so much !!

Hi, your example works fine.
Your code is: strPdf.Substring(strPdf.LastIndexOf(“1.”)).
Is there any way to modify this code to search a text and get the texts after the field but the text to be searched is in the middle of the pdf?