How to search by month in the expression?

Default value 30000milliseconds = 30s

I changed it to 1000milliseconds, but still very slow… no change

which activity make you slow?

@Eric_Wong_Test i manage to speed up the process! :smile: Yay!

OK :+1:

Can i have 2 element exist ? If i have 2 element exist, so my IF condition must also put 2 conditions rite?


Do u know what activity should use.
Example the bot is scanning May’s bill but the website only have Jan’s bill. How i ask the bot to skip download activity if don’t have May’s bill. Cause the bot keep throwing errors because cannot find May’s bill. Can use Try Catch Error? But i am not sure how to use this activity.

element exists, the selector should be same with Get Attribute

But i do not have any element. Example i want to find May’s bill, but the schedule only have Apr’s bill. The bot can’t find and throw out errors.

Element exists if can’t find the element will get the output result to False, so it will not make your flow stop
Also, you need to use if

i tried already, but it still stuck at this account. the selector same as Get Attributes.


you need to use if same with the message

But it is already inside the IF condition. How to use IF here?

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