How to search by month in the expression?

Btw, i just try the activity by input another month “Feb 2021” but the bot still click the 1st row which is “May 2021”. I tried to tick & change the variable to “Dates” but it doesnt work also…

Is it smth missing here?

if you want to do the Feb don’t use now.tostring
and change the Dates value to Feb only

Doesnt work…

Still clicking the 1st row …

only “Feb”

Thanks @Eric_Wong_Test :grinning:

I tried this, So is it correct if i put this way,
Element Exist → IF condition = TRUE Then repeat first activity.

NoBill is a boolean
In the if condition only NoBill is fine

Hmm, but i got this error…

Even i put the Element Exist, it still go and search the table for bill to download…

So, if check the message you need to skip the case and don’t click the download pdf?

Yup. If see the no bill message then skip no need click download BUT continue to search other account (My activity is Read Excel file → Search account → click download ->If no bill → search account again → click download)… Quite straight forward…

the message is before get attribute ?
If yes, you should put the get attribute and click download link into “else”

Hmm, If i copy the Get attribute and Click Download to Else, How abt “Then”? Do i need to fill smth? Btw, do i need to copy the whole set of activities again? From Top to bottom into ELSE ?

I only want to know the message pop up. Is before click download?
if is before
Search account > element exists > if no bill(then)> search account again > click download
Search account > element exists > if have bill(else) >click download

yes, message pop up, before click download. Just now i have done some experiment, if i use below image, when the element exist the bot will continue to search other number, but it dont click the download button, it keep searching the next number.


You should use write line or log message to find where the value is chang

I tried to print the result. No matter the element exist or not, the result always TRUE.
Meaning smth is wrong right?

I also tried editting the selector by ticking the “innertext”, but also cannot work properly

Maybe only use inner text and don’t use ccs and parentid
Also, you can use highlight to check is it highlight the message
The highlight should be in the selector and ui explorer

@Eric_Wong_Test Thanks so much, it can work now… but the bot work super slow to click download after click search. The bot will take around 30 secs before it click download button. Is there any solution to improve it?