How to search an option (text) from a list and drag and drop somewhere else (first position)?


I have a list with 10 options to move around in a numerical order from position 1 to position 10.

To do this, we need to drag and drop the option but for every time that I need to complete this survey, the options are restarting so I need to search the text that I want to move to position 1 every time. I want to complete the survey 100 times.

Here is the example: After we enter this site:!/0 , we select “Vaslui”, and after that we click “Urmatoarea intrebare” which translates to “Next question”. After that, I want to move the option “Parcul Agro-Industrial Vaslui si investitii in exploatatiile agricole din Zona Metropolitana Vaslui” always in the first position by drag and drop. (I attached 2 screenshots).

Please, can you explain me how to do this?

Thank you!

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