How to search a group in the WhatsApp desktop application

In my automation, I need to search for a group name in the WhatsApp desktop application,
let’s suppose I have 2 groups (Automation BOT and Automation BOT UiPath)
but I need to search Automation BOT group name and send a message to this group.

when I type Automation BOT in the search bar then it’s showing all similar groups’ names.
so how can I click on the second group name (Automation BOT)? you can check the screenshot.

I tried to create some selectors but I could not create it dynamic.

after adding (*)

Please help me to out this.

Hi @Ankit_Chauhan

Can you try to remove 3rd and 4th line from your selector and try once.

I tried, but it will highlight all groups, you can check in the image.

I found the solution, I removed the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines.

You removed the wrong lines in these ones,
Just the one below the parent selector and last line should have been there. It would work.


yes bro last line is there, that’s why it’s working :slight_smile:

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