How to scroll down till end

I am trying to Scrape Followers, Following users list but POPup scrolling doesn’t work. I try using javascript to scroll but it doesn’t work either

Have you tried using Extract Structured Data activity by chance? It might let you grab entire table into a datatable. That would be the more ideal method if it works.

If you are looking to scroll though, maybe try TypeInto pagedown or TypeInto end or even using the arrow keys.

Hi @ClaytonM
In my webpage i need to select the date field show as like this :


If i select the Arrow button through the click event display as below screenshoot :

In this drop down i need to select every time the first date of displaying each day the date will be changed how it will get that here ?

Can you guide me

Hi @RaviDevaraj,

Refer this post,


Hi @arivu96
It throws an error see the error screenshot

Hi @arivu96

my logic here is if i need to select the date dropdown in that i need to select the dropdown first date value eg: now in my drop down i have 08/08/2018 that i need to select next day should be 10/08/2018 that i need to select how it is possible to do this !!

“SelectorNotFoundException” almost always means you have a selector issue.

  1. In your Select Item activity, post the selector you have there.
  2. With UiExplorer, select the Drop Down element and post the selector it gives you.

Then, we can compare what you have there with what the selector should be.

You really need to use the Select Item activity and avoid using Clicks in this case.


Hi @ClaytonM
As you said for that same trigger i have done for click and select item too the selectors are :

Click Event Selector : <webctrl aaname='Commissions &amp; Appointments' parentid='page_content' tag='A' />

Select Item Selector : webctrl aaname=‘Commissions & Appointments’ parentid=‘page_content’ tag=‘A’

which is the excate one here ?

To get the dropdown selector open UiExplorer, then click on the arrow and select the element that is the dropdown.

If we can look at what UiExplorer shows, then we compare with what you have and make adjustments.

You might just need to change it to this:
<webctrl aaname=‘Commissions*Appointments’ parentid=‘page_content’ tag=‘A’ \>