How to scrape single tags which can identified by id or classname

I usually use “Data Scraping” command to scrape the certain data as followings:

  1. indicate the screen #foo_1 first and #foo_2 second,
  2. and whole
  3. tags should be scraped regularly as a result

<ul id="hoge">
<li id="foo_1">A</li>
<li id="foo_2">B</li>
<li id="foo_3">C</li>
Now, I’m trying to scrape only #hoge, and there are no other

    tags in the same script.
    when we use “Data Scraping” command, I understand we cannot use it without indicating
    second tags (I guess this process is required to let robot understand pattern and two tags should be
    identified at least).
    In this case, I cannot identify second tag, as there is only one
      tag in this script.

      In other words, I need whole text “ABC” which is contained in #hoge.
      How can I get that?

      I know we can use “Screen Scraping” as well but guess this command based on OCR Tech and the data
      extracted by this command is not reliable for miss-interpreting…I believe this kind of date should be identified by Id or class name and extracted by script or text basis.
      I’m sorry if i have some miss-understaing.

You cannot use Data scraping without indicating similar pattern second element and screen scraping provides three methods for text extraction- Full Text, Native and OCR. You can also use these two methods other than OCR(mainly for Images).
You can also use Get Text and Get Full text activity to extract text from a single element.

Hi, Bharat
thanks for your comment.
it is really helpful direction.
Actually i took full text in “Screen Scraping” and obtained text contents.
However, I entered into another problem. I’m treating multiple pages and
I set those selectors “aaname” omitted.
How can i get every sigle results into array or datatable, cause output data
defined as TEXT.