How to scrape or get hidden elements value in uipath

can you see the attachment…the one is behind Exact Wizard…I tried it…but its throwing same error…
can you try it once

same way I tried…its throwing same error if I use data scraping

can you please check with some one who has worked on windows application…please

Hi @rahinafirdosh ,

Looking at the selector i can see there are couple of dynamic fields .
Passing wildcard doesn’t works always. How come selector highlight perfectly using UiExplorer and not in actual activity ?:thinking:
Not sure whats’s your actal requirement here. In case your trying to click on each option in the menu tree then make use of find children activity and get attribute activity .Else you could try using Click Text activity for the same.

Regards to Data Scraping error.
Data scraping enables you to only extract structured data from your browser, application or document.
In your case i don’t see any structured data. Please make use of Screen scraping wizard.

hey thanks for the info

how to check whether particular element is enabled or disabled.

how to retrieve css values to validate color in web application

please help

These questions were answered previously, please search the forum

In Property Explorer check : Use them in Get Attribute

Disabled - Check aastate or disabled (one should be a variable)

Color - Check innerhtml,outerhtml,style (one might color property)


hey i am facing issue.

1)whenever i try to modify code its taking lot of time to load and once i save it the cursor changes and monitor will become white blank
2)i cant scroll it after sometime when code gets loaded

can you please tell what might be the issue

note:size of xaml is 3500kb

i want to know what s the limit size for one xaml to develop code.

please do reply


wow its quite a big XAML you got there :wink: 3.5MB.
I’d suggest if your workflow contains individual task then try to modularise the workflow by using invoke workflow activity . This might help you to avoid size and time factors.

hey may I know how to come out of if after validating few conditions,

note: if statement is not in for each

use counter(set flag) and pass that as argument in another workflow(invoke workflow) to break the loop and come out of it.

hey thanks…

i am facing issue:
1)which activity should i use till the application\page gets load completely so that i can perform actions.

Application loads after certain period of time and cant use delay,how can i write code for this so that once it loads i can continue.

Need help

There are couple of ways doing it.
Please follow up this.


Hi ,

In the app servers in temp folder few folders are getting generated consuming around 2gb.
folder name are like:low,3,2,nudget.

need a help in understanding why this is getting generated .complete c drive is full .

How can we resolve this,please help us



hey can you help me on the space issue

need help on the above problem…

how to use invoke power shell activity to trigger a email…

I want to scrape a data table using Data Scrapping option without using Get Attribute or Check Activity , i need to get checkbox status , is it possible to get.

The above is the url, when i am extracting i’m getting all the fields except checkbox column, within ExtractData option i need to get checkbox status like false or true (or) checked or unchecked.
I tried to change extract Meta data but i’m not getting any result.
If any solution is there please tell me.


I’m getting like above image,empty fields for Active column. I want to get checkbox status in Preview Data Extract Wizard. Any one know how to do…