How to scrape in nested data

I have 1 excel list where there are several reference.
For each reference i open one browser and have to scrape some data there.

When i went to the next value ( the robot make the correct search, the path is correct) , but result show me the same values of the first reference.


I don’t know how to resolve to display all the data of this scrape.

So search by reference , scrape some data…display as json, go to next reference, do the same

Get_data.xaml (37.3 KB)

Please do you have any idea?

Is you variable scope incorrect?

This may be happening if you have a variable with the same name but different scopes .

can you please send me one example please…i updated scope…thinks are ok …but still happen the same

put that “build datatable” at the starting just after “clear datatable”, as right now its inside the loop, so when the new webpage is searched then the datatable is initialised again and you get data only for that webpage.

no , didn’t work

this is in highlevel my schema , how can i translate this in one template of uipath …

  1. read reference from excel

  2. using data scraping , get all the columns needed

  3. for each row of data scraping , show them like : ref1 , scrape1, scrape2
    ref2, scrape a, scrape b

  4. go to next reference and get the other data using data scraping

  5. display data as json

if is just a copy text ( i can do it …but is a datatable )