How to scrape data from desktop application

Hello friends, We have a 3rd party Tax based desktop application, and are trying to load in DB. They gave us a sample excel file with a macro, which when I click on excel button, a application browser with all groups show up. It is divided into 3 sections, one has all groups, second has cell information, third is property of all groups. It is not in excel table format and there are no menu options to capture the data. It wouldn’t allow me to copy all values, as only the column values are copied when pasted in notepad. I have attached a snapshot for reference. I need to capture name, description, type and index in section 2 including scroll down and extract the data into an excel file. It doesn’t allow me to do data scraping and asking me for index. When I try to do screen scraping, I don’t know how to get scroll down covered and extract to excel. I need to do this for most groups in 1st section. 3rd section is not needed.

Could you please help me!! Appreciate your support!

hi @naveenaccount123

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Did you try with Data scraping?


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Hello there! Thanks for the reply. I tried doing data scraping, I am getting an error message. The data here is not in tabular format.

If you need additional snapshots, I will attach them. I am looking to extract middle section columns scrolling down and exporting to excel. Thanks guys!


Try Get Text

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. But, I need data only from the middle of the section like Name, Description, Index and Type etc. Please refer to prior screen shots. Will this work, as the application data is not having proper structure.


I can’t tell since i don’t have the app, try it and let me know…

Could you please let me know the sequence of steps, if i use screen scraping to scroll down and capture the data in middle section.

Hi @naveenaccount123,

When you are performing data scrapping try to change the UI Framework to UIA. Select AA for old apps or UIA for new apps.

Thank u!

Hi Naveen,

It is not possible for UIPATH to srcape Data from a desktop application.

Uipath is very limited to Web scrapping only.

You can page scrape, but it will only capture the screen, or area being currently viewed. However, it captures as a string, and is impossible to convert into excel using write range.
Sorry. Uipath is very limited, similar to responses for help