How to scrape data from a website with multiple button

I m scrapping data from a website ( The information for the journals needs to be scraped from a page which is opened by clicking on a button (view profile page). And from there I can get the data. The problem is that there are many of such button in one page and I have to do for entire website. I was using click activity to open the button but that is not possible in this scenario.If someone could help me to find a way to make a loop so taht it can be done for entire website.
Note: There is no url for the button.( I tried scraping the url of a button as we usually do). If there is another way to scrape information about a button. Do let me know.

Hi Kanika,

Please use the below selector while clicking on the button “View Profile Page”.

Makesure Idx value is incremented everytime you wanted to click the next button by using assign activity inside a loop.


Hope this should work or let me know can provide more details.


Actually I m new to uipath, so didn’t get what you are trying to say…can you explain it again in detail again and if possible can I get a workflow for this. It will be very kind of you

Please if some one can answer.