How to scrape content from google when search term changes

Hi all,

Hope this is posted in the right place. I’m a new UiPath user and am trying to tackle a project and am having some trouble. Here is the gist of the project… I want to:

  1. Ask user what zip code they are located in
  2. run a google search to find the current weather report for that zip code
    2a. Print the weather report back to the user in ““The weather is” [insert temp here]” form
  3. Pull from a list of activities (outdoor if the weather is nice(I know, nice is the operative word)) and indoor(if the weather is crummy)). These activities would be aimed at healthy living such as going for a walk, doing yoga, etc
  4. Suggest one of the activities to the user.
    4a. For reference, this list of activities has not been created yet but would be in CSV/xlsx format

I am unable to attach my current template to this post since I am a new user, so if someone could help me get it included, that would be great. Please remember I am a complete novice and have never touched UiPath before. The current template is set for one location because I was trying to understand the concepts, but I hope someone can provide feedback and help me get it prepared to serve the purposes outlined above.