How to Scrap table from PDF on a particular page titled - "Annex"?

Hi All,
I have a pdf which may have few pages, one of them will be titled “Annex”. I need to scrap the tables only from
the page where it is titled “ANNEX” from this PDF.

Is there a way this can be done? any kind of relative scrapping suggestion ?

sample.pdf (16.8 KB)

You need to scrap page by page, look for string “ANNEX” using string functions, if not found goto next page.

Ok, i am able to identify that the text “Annex” is available, but how do i scrape relative table to that page. Is there any logic to scrap the table on that page ?

Hi Anshul,

Ones go through with this solution, hope this will help you.

Thanks & Regards,
Harshit Singh

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@harshit_singh, thanks a lot, I’m able to extract the string on page “Annex”. Now i want is to scrape the data using this text. To give a brief i was using “extract wizard” to select one element from the table and it would scrape the entire table into a datatable. finally i have assigned the value to dynamicString.

means my dynamicString=“Text Abc”.

I intent to pass the above string as a dynamic selector instead to do the same thing and extract the table data.

my selector as below:
<wnd app='acrobat.exe' cls='AdobeAcrobat' title='Adobe Acrobat Professional - [sample.pdf]' />
<wnd cls='AcrobatMDIChildWnd' title='sample.pdf' />
<wnd cls='AVL_AVView' title='AVPageView' />
<ctrl idx='1' role='row' />
<ctrl idx='1' name='Text Abc ' role='text' />

if i pass the name =‘“+dynamicString+”’, it doesn’t work.

Any suggestion ??

Hi Anshul,

Firstly, from the selector field do Ctrl+A and Ctrl+X then press OK. Again open the selector section then put your selector as a string like- “Selector” in it.

Hope it’ll work for you.

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