How to scrap selected table from PDF invoice

Hello all,
I would like to kindly ask you whether you could help me with following:
I need to scrap data from invoice and save it to the Excel file (Im attaching random invoice just for reference). I was able to scrap Invoice number and Invoice date etc using ‘get text’, however, I need to scrap also whole table which starts below ITEM DETAILS. This table should be transferred into Excel file. I tried to use ‘Read PDF text’, however, this will put everything into just 1 cell of Excel, moreover, this table is split into 2 pages.
If you could help somehow or put example how to solve this, it would be just perfect!
Thanks a lot
RandomInvoice.pdf (54.6 KB)


If you have the possibility to open the invoice in adobe or a browser then “Data Scraping” seems to work just fine, at least on the sample you provided :slight_smile:


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Hello Obsev,
thank you for reply! Yep, that worked perfectly! Would you be so kind and also help me how to transfer this table to the Excel file? Million thanks!

Hi @JanciS
You can store the data scrapped in a data table.
Then use Write Range Activity to store it into an Excel File.

Thank you rachinder_singh. Could you please help me which activity should I use to put scrapped data in a ‘data table’? Thanks a lot!

Actually you don’t need to use any further activity to put scrapped data in a “data table”.
The output of web scrapping is a data table.

You can use this video for complete roadmap:

Hello rachinder_singh, thanks a lot! This helped and now everything works properly!
Once again, million thanks :wink:

Hey you can also alternatively try using Nanonets OCR to extract table data. There is a UiPath connector for the same ((NanoNets OCR - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace) Happy to help if you face any challenges.

Here I have a video with 17 examples of extracting tables from PDF files.