How to scrap only visible data from the table using Data scrapping activity?

I have a table on web application which has multiple rows in a table. - total number of rows are 20
out of which only 10 rows visible on page.
other 10 rows are displayed when those visible 10 rows are expanded.

When I use data scrapping activity on the whole table. its extracting all 20 rows.
Instead I want only visible rows without expanding.

can someone help me to get that with data scraping activity?

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You can use Edit Definitions in the wizard to select the columns you want or you can use Remove Coluns from the datatable after the scrape finishes…

oh sorry, i thought you where saying columns and not rows :upside_down_face:

Hi @SheetalAkhud


try to put the maximum number of results

yes… its rows… not column

@KMota, I tried putting maximum number of rows… but still getting the same result.

it is easier to just ignore the rows that are extra…

Try making this change in the extraction wizard. I did a google table test and it worked

extração.xaml (9,6,KB)

@bcorrea, how can I do that? I tried to modify data definition but did not get the required rows yet

Hi @SheetalAkhud

follows example of how to remove lines
extração.xaml (5,0,KB) Novo(a) Planilha do Microsoft Excel.xlsx (10,2,KB)

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I am in the opposite case.
I extract data with data scrapping, but I can’t extract all the data, juste to scrap visible data. can you help me plz ?

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