How to scrap more than 20 rows from a single webpage which does not contain next button


I see export as csv cant u use that to read everything?

Or even table extraction should be able to extra whole of it…sid you give a try?


Hello @keerthana_E_elumalai_S

If you try with Table Extraction usually it extracts all the data in the webpage? Hope it is of Table format.

Also Have you set any max number of rows during extraction?


Can we have web page screen shot?

Pavan Kumar

No i used table extraction it’s only extracting first 20 rows

Yes ur right but I have to extract some 50 YouTube videos title and views in that case it only extracting 20 videos i didn’t set any maximum num of rows

It is not a web page just a set of YouTube videos for example i have 50 videos i want to extract title and views of all the videos it only extracting 20 videos


If the table is loading dynamically when scroll is used…then you have to scroll first and then extract so that all records are loaded…

You can use mouse scroll for the same


I used it but still I’m facing issues


Can we see what you tried?

Did you scroll first and then tried to extract data?

Alternately did you try extractind data then do a page down to load more data and do a page down again till end?


Table Extraction With Infinite Scrolling In UiPath - Full Tutorial - YouTube I tried what he said in this video except filtering I did exactly same as he said