How to scrap data from single element using UIPath?


I am new on UIPath and trying to scrap data from different -different website.
I have success in scrap data from listing data or table format data.
But, not found solution for scrap a single element data scraping from each product details.
Ex. ADIDAS Raddis 1.0 Running For Men - Buy ADIDAS Raddis 1.0 Running For Men Online at Best Price - Shop Online for Footwears in India |

I need to scrap all details from this page .
How can i scrap ?


if i am understand correct you want to capture the details of all the available products in page (after you search)…

you can use Data Scrapint method.

  1. Click Data Scrap in studio
  2. select the data you want to capture
  3. Click next and select the similar type of element

repeat step 2 and 3 till you got all the required details
click finish

I need a scrap single element data there is not a similar element available.
Ex. “

I need to scrap ’ Chairman CEO’ Name from this page.