How to scrap data from Angular Grid?


I am getting issue when scrapping data from the Angular grid, Actually ids aren’t consistant.
Is anyone face the same issue before? Please share experience

Hi @izoaib

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Are you using the data scraping wizard?

May I know what exactly happens due to the fact that ID’s are inconsistent?

Here is the sample website “

I want to Scrap “Basic Example” grid data from above website but Scraping is not working. So I tried to use activity CopyText to capture first column value from the grid and then use the While loop to run through the grid. But the issue is Id of the grid changes on each page load.

Hi @izoaib

IAM able to scrap the data based on data scrapping what version are you using and what browser are you using


Scroll down u would be able to scrap the data


I am using IE but here when trying to scrap it is not showing in list format.
Can you please share your activity

I have done this scrapping on IE browser. PFA. (12.0 KB)

I am doing the same thing as yo u doing but it is giving me an error. Kindly look at (193.2 KB)