How to schedule process in UiPath Studio? Not from orchestrator

How to schedule process in UiPath Studio? Not from orchestrator.

My ideal workflow is as below.

1.) Input Dialog activity to get the run time from user
2.) Use this provided run time to schedule the start time of a job on selected process on orchestrator

By using “Start Job” activity, we can start a process immediately, but how can we schedule it? It is a one off execution.


for that you need to use process schedule api


Thanks @Anil_G

It mentioned executed at regular intervals, is it possible for an one off execution? If yes, how to set it in body? I want to trigger it once like “Start Job” activity but only with a scheduled time instead of creating a regular trigger schedule.

Also, is there any other option instead of orchestrator api?

This doesn’t directly answer your question, but maybe it will solve your problem:

In Orchestrator there is a Schedule automatic trigger disabling option. So you can set a trigger for daily at 12pm, and set trigger disabling for today at 1pm. The job will run once, then the trigger will be disabled.

UiPath app is also an easy way to run a one off job from orchestrator if you don’t have access to a PC at the time.

You may create a trigger named ProcessABC_OneTimeTrigger then use ‘edits a process schedule’ api with ‘StartProcessCron’.
Ofc this schedule needs to be disabled or other action since it’ll be triggered next year.

As far as i understand you want to restart the process after a particular interval of time which you define by giving input using input dialog box and you dont want to use orchrstrator for that

You can simply assign a variable of system.timespan as an output of input dialog and assign that output in delay activity properties make sure to write input dialog output in a format 00:00:00

And then afterwards start your process

I hope it will solve the purpose

You need to take the time from the user and store configuration, your bot will check the time from db and trigger the process,

If you are using unattended BOT then you can schedule from orchestrator API if not then you have to run the bot manually and once the process is done or stopped you have to run the bot again manual

Thanks for all the suggestions, this is the solution in my situation

1.) Create a Time Trigger in Orchestrator, with an impossible cron expression
-For example at 12:00 AM, only in 2099 (cron expression: 0 0 0 * * ? 2099)

2.) Use Orchestrator API activity in Studio to edit this time trigger cron expression
-For example at 06:00 AM, on day 27 of the month, only in May, only in 2024 (cron expression: 0 0 6 27 5 ? 2024)

With this setting, no disable or other action is needed, as the cron expression is always an one off schedule when you fill in the specific time without interval

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