How to schedule jobs periodically AND on new queue item?

Hi all,

I have a process that serves to purposes:

  1. Keeps logged and refreshed 3 web portals
  2. Is a consumer of a queue, where an item has to be searched on one of those 3 portals

I have only 1 robot avaiable.
I want 1) to be performed periodically in order to reduce the login procedure (at the moment is every 5 min) and this is done with an every 5 min trigger.

Is important that 2) is perfomed immediately, so ther is an on queue trigger for the same process.

The problem: when the process is running because of a trigger the other trigger cannot create a job so it gives an allert.

Now, I know that probably 1) and 2) should be two separate process, but this is out of scope of the question.
What I want to know is if there is any solution other than modify the WorkFlow.
Maybe give trigger 1) a lower priority?

Let me know,



Rather we can first start with queue trigger or have only that queue trigger placed (without any separate trigger to run a bot and refresh portals)

so that if any queue is added it logs in to the machine and refresh the portal three or any number of times
So then the item can be searched in those portals

Cheers @Simone_Lenti

Why is that out of scope? It seems like the most clean solution.

Well theoretically I just want to know how to do A without changing B. Maybe the answer is simply that’s impossible.

In practice the system is in production and I cannot change too much for now.

Thank you.