How to schedule a trigger for the below mentioned use case?

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue in architecting my project. I have an use case when im unable to solve it.

The use is explained below:

I have few projects created. The frequency to run every project varies from project to project.

The frequency for 1st Project: First 3 business days of the month. Last 3 business days of the month. All the business days between 12th and 19th. All the Friday.

The frequency for 2nd Project: First 2 business days, Last 2 business days, All Thursdays.

Similar frequency for all the 90 projects.

I do not see an option to creating a trigger to mention all the above conditions, not even in the ‘Advanced’ option - Cron expression also does not support these typical multiple conditions.

Please suggest how to handle the situation.

Hey @Karthikeyan_CS

I can see two options here,

Try using the calendar option to find the business days in the trigger.

May be try building the logic inside the process before it starts the process.