How to schedule a robot on specific dates considering weekends?

Is there any way, we can schedule a robot on 1,2,3 and last 3 days of the months?
Example:- Current month is July. I want to schedule a robot on 1,2,3 and 29,30,31 days only. Also, consider the weekend also.

Note: It would be great if someone explain this process with and without orchestrator?

That’s a good question
And I would suggest to go for orchestrator for these kind of scheduling and this can be accomplished with cron expression
hope these threads could help you

Cheers @Suyash0890

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As @Palaniyappan advised, you can do this in Orchestrator with cron but you’d probably have to make a few separate schedules since cron doesn’t have a built-in “last x days” function.

If you don’t use Orchestrator then I would advise hard-coding days. Store your end-of-month dates in one or more variables and then read from those to see if the bot should process or not.

I have questions : First i want to send email with specific schedule date and the schedule from excel (let’s say today is 28th may 2020, and based on data from excel i must send email at 1st June 2020) What should i do ? using orchastator or what ?
Second, i have to send a reminder email 10 days after i sent at the first ( if i sent at 1 st June 2020 then the reminder email must be sent at 11 June 2020)
Thank you for ur kind response this question