How to schedule a process to run on specific dates of month

Hi Guys!!

In orchestrator trigger, I need to schedule a process in such a way that everymonth it should run only on 10,15,28,30,31 dates & on other days it should not trigger.

How to achieve this?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @mohamedalthaf ,

Can you tell at what time you have to run the Bot for above days?

Below cron expression is at 12:00 AM night:-

0 0 0 10,15,28,30,31 * ? *

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Hi @Manish540

Its 8.00 PM KSA

Is it possible to schedule the BOT for specific dates of month & keeping it at rest on other days


Please try this

0 0 20 10,15,28,30,31 * ? *

Timezone can be selected from
The drop down you get when you schedule or if your orchestrator is on ESA then it would consider the same


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hI @Anil_G

Thanks. Can you tell me where should I put the above mentioned 0 0 20… expresssion in orchestrator


Click on create trigger and select time based…there on the right you will have options like minutes hours etc…and last option is advanced…that is where you would paste this expression

Hope this is clear


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Hi @mohamedalthaf ,

Use the expression:

0 0 20 10,15,28,30,31 1/1 ? *
This will only run on those specific dates and will be on rest in other days.


Thanks @Manish540 @Anil_G


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