How to schedule a job on a specific time duration repetitively?

I have a process that I want to run Monday to Sunday, 12 midnight till 8 am repetitively, how do I achieve this?

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Hey @wdescalsota !! You can Schedule your job in Orchestrator To Run in your condition with this Cron

0 0 0-8 ? * * *

To build a specific expression useu this website Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer -

In this case this job will run every hour between 00 and 8 hrs.

But if you want a more dynamic way, just start a trigger at 00. At the end of your code whenever it finishes executing, do a check to see if the current time is less than 8 am. If it is, start the job again with the “Start Job” activity.

Hope it helps!!


Hi, @wdescalsota,

Just giving more details to @gabrielribas4 's great answer…

To schedule in Orchestrator go to Automations tab, then Triggers tab and finally click on Add a new trigger.

Leave Time selected.


Then select Advanced and enter the Cron expression you want.

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Great observation, @gustavo.cervelin !!! Thank you very much!!

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