How to schedule a another bot dynamically after completion of one bot

Hi Friends,
The scenario like this:-

I need to execute one process (i.e Process A) using two bots (Bot 1 and Bot 2) at a scheduled time for the load balancing - Here i am using Queue

Now when Bot 1 and Bot 2 finish its execution then i have to trigger the another process (Here i have to scheduled this bot but the time is not fixed )then how to ensure that the execution is finished so that i can schedule another bot dynamically.

Please guide me over this.


You can use trigger based queue for this scenario.

Once the process is finished by Bot 2 at the end of the process you can use “Add Queue item” and Add it into the Queue which will be used for Process 3.

So whenever a new item is added into the Queue it will trigger your 3rd Process


I agree with you but my third process is only about the sending report to business user so in this case is it worth to add “Add queue item” in end of the process.


As you said time is not fixed.
So after completion of second process you can add a queue which will trigger the bot and mail will be sent i.e your 3rd process.


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