How to save workbook and close workbook within excel application scope?

When I run job, excel opens and copies values…but excel is not getting closed after saving.

What might be the issue ?



Create one workbook variable for Excel Application Scope Activity and pass that variable into Close Workbook Activity to close it.

Can you show practically by providing example or .xaml file to save it, and close the application.

It will be very helpful for me.

Keep the close workbook activity outside the excel application scope. Provide the path of excel in excel application scope and take the output to close workbook.


Could you send me xaml file.

I have a big work-flow. Where can I use Excel application scope. I need to save workbook and close the workbook.

Can someone send me xaml file?


Please find the attached workflow for your reference.

Excel.xaml (6.4 KB)