How to save "uipath-html" details which is getting it from get attribute activity to excel sheet

Hi Team ,
I am getting tool tip details using "UiPath -html " by mouse hover and get attributed activity , but when i try to save the details in existing sheet in column B1 using write cell activity getting error (Please check saving format is invalid or excel sheet is busy ) .

here are the list of activity i am performing.

  1. Open excel applications (No Header selected )
  2. Read range count from excel
  3. Create a for loop each row
  4. get count of index from the for loop
  5. Default row value starts from 3 in website .
  6. Hover First row by inputting variable in selector table row count (Default row 3 + index 0= 3 )
  7. Using get attribute activity get tool tip details using “UiPath -html” attribute .
  8. storing values inn assign activity as Output= "Xyx "
  9. using Write cell activity saving in existing details start from column B1

while saving the details in write cell activity getting above error . kindly let me know if any have any other solution .



Do you have to extract the hyperlink or just name from the application ?
As you said you are performing hover operation, for what output you want to retrieve ?


As you are using for each row in excel activity you can use assign with currentRow.ByField("FieldName") = valueeectracted

Please check the same


Hello @Krishnakumar_Vasudevan

  1. Open Excel Application Scope (specify file path and sheet name).
  2. Read Range (to load existing data from Excel).
  3. For Each Row (loop through rows):
    a. Get Tooltip Details by using “UiPath -html” attribute.
    b. Store tooltip details in a variable (e.g., TooltipText).
    c. Write Cell (to save tooltip details to Excel sheet).
  4. Close Excel Application Scope.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

I doesn’t have header in the sheet . Can we use other method in assign .

Hi ,
After hovering using get attribute method I can able to get the details from tool tip .

While running the last step write cell activity getting error saying invalid format or excel sheet is in use .


  1. Ensure data format matches Excel expectations.
  2. Check for sheet or cell locks.
  3. Verify no other process is using the Excel sheet.
  4. Disable Excel add-ins.
  5. Use the “Try Catch” activity for error handling.
  6. Confirm Excel version compatibility.