How to save these little screenshot of each activity?

Hello all, I’m about to change my PC, and I’m wondering how could I save all these little screenshots of each activity?(example below)
When I moved some of my projects to friend’s PC, there weren’t screenshots, and maintenance would be so difficult without them. Is that even possible?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @bp777 ,

The screenshots are kept in the [.screenshots] folder
You need to copy it and paste to your projects in your friend’s PC

If you want to zip your project with screenshots, please try to use 7-Zip to do that.

I hope this information will be useful for you :blush:

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Is there any issue when zipping .screenshots folder with WinRar? Because I zipped with WinRar and there weren’t screenshots in my program.

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@bp777 - Easy to manage screenshots in UiPath-
1 - Navigate to project folder and copy “.screenshots” folder to desired location
2 - Transfer “.screenshots” folder to the other/referral workflow projects under solution/root folder
3 - Open the project in UiPath Studio → Navigate to ‘Project Panel/Window’ → Click on “Remove Unused screenshots” icon to remove unused screenshots from the .screenshots folder. It will minimize your project package.

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Sorry I don’t have WinRar in my PC.
but I facing the same problem when zipping the project folder by windows function.
For my solution, I using 7-Zip to zipping project folder. (It is freeware.)

If you want to use WinRar to zipping the project folder, maybe you need to delete dot(.)
at first character of the folder name before zipping folder.
after unzip add dot(.) to screenshot folder again.