How to save the Output data in the same excel file

I have worked in the following flow diagram,

  1. To extract book names
  2. Search the price of the book names
  3. And save them in a separate file.

It is working well.
But I want to save it in the same excel file from where I have read the file.
Sharing the xmal and excel file.

Thanks in advance.Main.xaml (44.1 KB)
booknames1.xlsx (8.8 KB)

@sain87, Implement to your scenario :slight_smile:


I tried the same with providing the Range in the Write Range activity, But Somehow it’s not working.
So was looking for what to write in “Range” to paste the output in the appropriate cell.

I am trying with some trial and error processes, and as it didn’t work that much, I created a different excel file for output.

Thank you for sharing the related solution.

Hi Dominic,

Finally I am able to save the extracted value in the same excel.
Thanks again for your help.

attaching the xmal file for any reference.Main.xaml (55.5 KB)