How to save screenshot in Mobile Automation Process

Hey, I am trying to capture a screenshot of a screen in mobile process automation using screenshot activity in this process but I am unable to save the screen shot into the folder.
Please help me to resolve this issue, your time will be highly appreciated.

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch

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Are you getting any error? Can you share the xaml screenshots here on what you are trying to do…


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I believe I’ve already answered your question at Verify Expression - TakeScreenshotIfFailed - Where are the screenshots stored? - #5 by phaserescu

The thread is a bit confusing, involving also Verify Expression activity but my answer is about the Mobile Automation Screenshot activity.

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Actually I am able to take screenshot by using screenshot activity in mobile process automation but I am getting no result found when I search “save image activity”.

PS: I am working in Mobile Process Automation process.

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch

That is what is described in the post which is shared previously. You need to use a invoke code to save


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