How to Save Screen Scrape data to Notepad

I am able to scrape a pdf document for a name that I want to use as the File name. I am able to scrape the name and see it in the screenscape window. I am even able to copy to clipboard.
My question is how do i save the Name that i scraped to the notepad txt file so I can use it as the filename?

There are over 200 files I want to rename. The pdfs are all exactly the same except for the file name that is always located in the same location

Hi @donnarenia,

First, use Get from Clipboard activity to store the value in the clipboard to a variable.
Then use Write Text File to write the variable to a text file.
Please use the Move File activity to rename your files :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.
Thanks and regards,

will this work if I am using Screen Scraping and using the “copy to clipboard” in that window?

I will give you instructions on how to solve this one:

  1. Get all files from the folder by using Directory.GetFiles(“FolderPathHere”)

  2. Use For Each activity to loop through the files.

    1. Open the File just like what you already did.
    2. Scrape the file name
    3. Use Move File activity to rename the current file.
    4. Close the file.

I think this would work. :slight_smile:


This actually worked.

Thanks @Jan_Brian_Despi :slight_smile: