How to save previous condition value in next loop for scrapping records during multiple loging session

Hi UiPath and team,

I have created a log in the case via for loop for login user from .csv file and created do while with incremental order with +1 till 50 records and the default value for URL ID is 1, but when user 2 login into the application from the .csv file then again got URL with user ID 1 in place of 51.

Now, the problem is how to continue scraping records in 2nd time after login from 51 url ID.

Question: How to create multiple loops like login with an account from .csv file then hit 50 times URL with incremental order with +1 ID in URL then again login from another login credentials from .csv file and continue hitting URL with +1 from were previously left like 51.

Also, I want to take Start URL ID & end URL ID in an input field too.

Regards Manish

Hi @manish_pandey1

Are u entering the data from ur CSV file into that application

If you don’t mind can u Explain ur usecase briefly?

login working via csv file and applied condition for incremental with +1 with 50 value.

but when 2nd user login via csv file then counters should start from 51 but I’m getting 1 as previous do while condition match as per flow which I have 50 value.

I need continuos flow with every new login counter should continue from were it left not from starting one.

So a user is login and is processing 50 records

Next time second user enter he should start from 51th record to process
is it right? @manish_pandey1

Yes, @NIVED_NAMBIAR got my point. I’m stuck here!

Hi @manish_pandey1
Sorry for late response

What i had done here

I created an excel file as below


There are 2 columns user and Row to be strated

Ignore user

Consider the Row to be started column, it actually informs the bot from which row index it should start

This is at start of process before processing the records (no user had started to process it).

So for demonstrtaion what i am doing a sum where i had three columns Num1, Num2 , Sum
Automation process is to add Num1 and Num2 and assign to Sum column.

Now when i run it once u can see the results


Now at the end of process bot had updated that it should start processing from 50th rowindex (which means start processing from 51th row)

Now u see the excel results where automation is done

It had it correctly upto 50 rows

so next again when u run at last bot will update where it should start to run and based on that it will run again from that row only.

Check this workflow
sample (2.0 MB)

Hope it helps you

Mark it as solution if it resolves ur query


Nived N

Happy Automation

Hey @NIVED_NAMBIAR thank you so much for your efforts and I tried to get resolve it but no success,
Can you please connect me personally so that I can show you my bot.

Hi @manish_pandey1

What is the issue u are facing now?