How to save mail message with Sender's name and its mail time stamp

I am trying to save attachment with mail.Subject but it is not allowing me to save if Subject contains special character e.g (Re: Test sample) or e.g ( UAT < Test sample > )

It there a way we can save message with either sendername + mailTiming or anything which makes mail unique because i have situation where i have to read 10 email and then save those 10 email .

Consider all 10 mail from same sender.


Why dont you save the attachments creating a folder with the sender name
Email user names do not have / \ : * ? < >
Attachment you can append ddMMyyyHHmmss

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Sorry by mistake i wrote it as attachment, i want to save mail.

same thing applies here as well.
Folder - sender name
messages - save with subject + received time formatted the way you want

Use a subject.replace() and replace / \ : * ? > < with underscore or space

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