How to save iterated data to excel file in for each to number of excel files

Hi guys,

I have use case
In for each loop I was extracting a table from webapage and saving it in a data table and writing in csv, But in the second iteration it was overwriting the data from 1st excel, here i need help of guys to save every iteration data in different excel. Say 7 iteration 7 excel should generate.
help me how can i modify my write range dynamically.


Hi @Sriram07,
Try to experiment with these activities:

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Define a counter variable and in the write range, where you put the path, add that counter variable. Don’t forget to increment it when you get new values.

HI @Sriram07,

As @Pablito mentioned, append activity will solve this and if you need more you can choose the below one.

* Read the file if exists.
* Merge the new data table with this.
* Then write it.
* Do this repeatedly.

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Manoj Vijayakumar.

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