How to save google sheet formula to an string variable?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to insert a formula to a google sheet however I can’t seems to assign it on a variable

I’m I doing it wrong?

Please refer below:

as you can see I already enclosed the string with " " symbol.

Please advise and let me know

Thanks !

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Hi @Alvin_Apostol1

Please put ““yes”” instead of “yes” and ““no”” instead of “no”


HI @Alvin_Apostol1,

In UiPath double quotes require some TLC! Since Google does not support single quotes 'STRING' on string values

Single quotes in Google Sheets

Double quotes in Google Sheets

So we know, we can not use 'STRING' in UiPath as Google Sheet wont support it.

Solution : You can try this syntax in UiPath when you want double quotes:

"=IF(AND(G2=""Yes"", H2=""Yes"", I2=""Yes""), ""Yes"", ""No"")"


Hope this clears you doubt and now know the reason for the failure.

Thank you for your inputs @jeevith

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