How to save downloaded excel in specific automation folder

Firstly, I create folder as below:

It will become June 2023

After few click function, type into and so on it will appear like this as below:

What should I type into in yellow highlighted ?


Here is the almost the last process, before I Click ‘Save’

Im new to StudioX, hopefully can get a step-by-step answer to this issue. Appreciate.

Hi salam,
When you click on download button and file explorer popup appears. Write full path of that folder where you want to save the file so that it redirects to exact folder.

Write full path of folder and click on ok.

What is the folder name is dynamic ?

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@Muhamad_Izwan_Bin_Hamran same folder path which you gave in create folder activity

@Muhamad_Izwan_Bin_Hamran write path which you gave in create folder as it is in type into activity.

If you want to save by default name then give just filder name:

And if you want to save the file with different name then give like this:
Path.Combine(“R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report”,DateSerial(now.Year,now.Month,0).ToString(“MMMM yyyy”),“yourfilename.xlsx”)

Hi @Muhamad_Izwan_Bin_Hamran

You can write in type into as
Path.Combine(“R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report”,DateSerial(now.Year,now.Month,0).ToString(“MMMM yyyy”),“file_name.xlsx”)

always appear like this, i dont know why. Please advise.

Hi @Muhamad_Izwan_Bin_Hamran

Try like this

“R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report"+DateSerial(now.Year,now.Month,0).ToString(“MMMM yyyy”)+"yourfilename.xlsx”

I hope it works!!


Check if the path is correct or not by printing the path in message box.

Use one set variable activity before type into, give left side one variable and right side give like this:

filePath = Path.Combine("R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report", DateSerial(Now.Year, Now.Month, 0).ToString("MMMM yyyy"), "file_name.xlsx")

Use filepath variable in typeinto



Path.Combine(“R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report",CurrMonth.ToString(“MMMM-yyyy”),“TB.xlsx”)


Try this

“R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report"+DateSerial(now.Year,now.Month,0).ToString(“MMMM yyyy”)+"\"+"yourfilename.xlsx”


“R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report\"+DateSerial(now.Year,now.Month,0).ToString(“MMMM yyyy”)+"\"+"yourfilename.xlsx”

I hope it works!!

i have tried but non works.


Before writing into the type into activity, use message box to print and check once if the path that you have given or not.
Please share the details of the message box that you have printed.

please assist me in details what should I do in order to the printed things.

In message box give the total path as given in type into

Try this one in Type into

"R:\CHARTERES REPORTS\KCSM,KSL,KCSSG - Aging Report\" + DateSerial(Now.Year, Now.Month, 0).ToString("MMMM yyyy") + "\file_name.xlsx"